A middle school student studies the amount of time seventh and eighth graders spend playing video games on the weekend by collecting data from a large random sample of students in each grade. Her theory is that seventh graders will spend more time playing video games because eighth graders have more difficult classes and must spend more time on school work. In her samples, the mean time spent playing video games on the weekend is 122.4 minutes for seventh graders and 88.6 minutes for eighth graders. Assuming there are no outliers or skew, do the results support the student's theory? Select from the drop-down menus to correctly complete the statements. Since the samples were large and randomly chosen, we can use the samples to understand the populations. Because the sample mean for seventh graders is the sample mean for eighth graders, the results support the student's theory.

Accepted Solution

Yes, the student's theory is correct, because the survey shows that the seventh graders spend more time playing games on the weekend than the eighth graders.Β