Given the line of the best fit for a set of data points with equation y=-5x-2.5 what is the residual for the point (3,6)Apex

Accepted Solution

Answer:The residual of the point [tex](3,6)[/tex] in the equation [tex]y=-5(x)-2.5[/tex] is [tex]= 23.5[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:We have been given point [tex](3,6)[/tex] where [tex]x=3[/tex].Now the equation is [tex]y=-5(x)-2.5[/tex].Plugging the value of [tex]x=3[/tex] in the equation of [tex]y=-5(x)-2.5[/tex],we have to find the predicted value of y and [tex]y=-5(3)-2.5 =-15-2.5=-17.5 [/tex].So y predicted [tex]=-17.5[/tex].To find the residual point we have to subtract the actual value from the predicted value.As actual value of [tex]y=6[/tex] along with the points [tex](3,6)[/tex].Residual point = Actual value - Predicted value.                         [tex]=6 -(-17.5) =23.5[/tex]So the residual for the point [tex](3,6)[/tex] is [tex]23.5[/tex].